NODRAL is proud to introduce a new premium product – Nitrate of Potassium which is also called Potassium Nitrate or shortly NOP. 

Key features of this fertilizer:

  • • Soluble in water, 
  • • Very quick to absorb, efficient.
  • • Prevents the accumulation of salt
  • • Consists of 100% plant macronutrients
  • • Almost no nitrogen losses to the atmosphere
  • • Low levels of chloride, sodium 
  • • Easily absorbed by plants
  • • Essential nutrition for plants
  • • Promotes soil health and biodiversity
  • • Low caking
  • • Easy to transport and store
  • • Wide industrial application
  • • Improves fruit yield and quality
  • • Boosts plant growth and resilience

The product has a wide application in various industries areas. 

The obvious one is the production of high quality, premium fertilizers. Here the product is used for blending as a raw material or for high quality liquid fertilizers. Greenhouse crops also depend on NOP in many places.

The product, being a high-quality chlorine-free compound fertilizer, which contains both potassium and nitrogen is a key element of a well guided, efficient, and modern agriculture. It is suitable for crops which are sensitive to chloride. Applications of NOP to the soil are made before the growing season or as a supplement during the growing season. The relatively high solubility of Potassium Nitrate allows for a more concentrated solution than popular alternative Potassium based fertilizers.

Apart from agrochemicals of all sorts, Potassium Nitrate is used in food industry for colour preservation, general preservation or in microbial agents. NOP is commonly used to maintain the quality of meat and cheese.

In the cosmetics industry, hair products benefit greatly from NOP. Toothpastes often contain NOP to target tooth sensitivity.

The product is also often used for the production of fireworks, matches, black powder, ceramic glaze, and glass. Some mixtures of NOP and other ingredients are used for storing heat in solar energy installations. The product is even used in metal treatment.

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